About Me

I am the Marketing Director for ATR International, which is a IT consulting/contract staffing firm in Northern California. I’ve been in the business of marketing services for over 10 years and spend so much of my time thinking about it that I decided to write my thoughts down in some sort of organized manner. This blog doubles as a journal for me and a place where I can share thoughts and exchange ideas with others.

Any views or opinions I express on this personal blog are in no way the views of ATR International nor endorsed by them. You can blame me directly for anything you see here that you don’t like.

You can email me at jmonaghan at gmail dot com. I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Currently on my nightstand

Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way by Michael J. Webb
This book claims to show how to blend marketing and sales efforts with the cutting-edge methods of Six Sigma to boost their bottom lines. So far so good.

Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov
One of the nine books in Asimov’s epic and ground-breaking science fiction series. Its amazing how much current science fiction has taken from Asimov’s writings.

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