Really, Cable Guy?

My cable went out last week. I hate when my cable goes out. Not because of the missed TV watching but because its such a pain to get it fixed. First, you’ve got to call the cable company to schedule a day and time for a cable guy to come out to the house.  Then, the only available times always seem to be a 4 hour window during working hours which pretty much kills the entire day. All this being said, something happened during the cable guy’s visit that was a pleasant surprise.

The cable guy showed up within his 4 hour window and was a nice enough guy. I chatted with him while he replaced our box and did some testing just to make sure it worked. But the surprise came once he was done with his work. He handed me his business card and told me if I had any problems over the next 10 days to call him directly and he’d come over immediately to fix it. Really, cable guy? Now that is the way to provide good service. There’s a big difference between a company standing behind their service and an individual standing behind his service. I understand that its AT&T that is telling the cable guy to do this, but its a great approach. As a result, the cable guy takes pride in his work, the customer has a direct line to someone that can help him if needed, and the sense that the service was provided correctly is much higher. I don’t say this much, being an iPhone owner and all, but nice job AT&T.

Is there an opportunity for your service to do something similar to this? Its worth thinking about.