What I’ve learned

Six months ago my wife and I welcomed twins into our lives. Its been an amazing, frustrating, tiring, incredible journey, and it keeps getting better.  And as I sat trying to think about what to write, it occured to me that having twins has tought me a few things about marketing:

1. Having kids creates all sorts of challenges including diapers, feeding, sleep, safety, etc. I will pay you good money if you can help me alleviate any of the issues that go along with these challenges. This holds true for most services. Demonstrate how you can alleviate a problem and the consumer will be interested.

2. Show a genuine interest in my children and I will talk to you all day. The business lesson here is to develop the relationship first, sell the service second. Even if you don’t sell your service initially, the person becomes a part of your network.

3. I need to trust you if its for my kids. Trust is key when selling any service.

4. The two places I go when looking for information to aid in a buying decision is the Internet and my network. If you don’t have a positive presence in either place I won’t contact you.