So you’re a service company and service is not your priority?

The management team at my company recently sat through a presentation done by Staffing Industry Analysts. They are an organization that tracks all sorts of trends within the world of staffing. It can be a little dry for those of you that don’t like numbers, charts and graphs. Their presentations don’t usually provide anything too surprising but they always have some good information. Their most recent presentation, however, had some real shockers.

One of the questions they asked staffing firms across the country was this, “What are your top priorities?” And to everyone’s shock in the room the bottom two priorities were “Recruiting Quality People” and “Excellent Customer Service” Really? Quality people and customer service? Those are the bottom two?

Now I realize times are tough and companies are scrambling to make ends meet, but there is no way a company in a service industry should ever rank those two items at the bottom of their list of priorities. Never ever. And if you find yourself doing it, your pretty much doomed.

Providing a quality service REQUIRES quality people and an intense focus on excellent service. This is true during good times and bad. Don’t loose focus on the long term goal by focusing on short term problems.

My CEO posted more about the presentation on our company blog.