Whatever you blog about, don’t do this

I came across something last week that shock me to some degree. A major, multi-national company had made a post to their blog that basically outlined their services. It was like reading a company brochure. It was painful to read. I almost commented on the post but realized my sanity would be better served if I just left it alone.

If you are blogging, or plan to blog, do us all a favor and please do not post anything that feels “corporate”. And please do not write about anything that belongs on your website. Your posts should be informal, informative, current, trustworthy, honest, and to the point. Blogging is about having a conversation and providing insight not telling the world what you are selling.

As my CEO said in the first post on our company blog, “Yes, this is the ATR blog and I could write about ATR, but that’s probably not what you want to read. If you want to read about ATR, you would go to our website.”



2 Responses

  1. Good Point! I’ve read a lot of blogs like that, too. If I wanted info about the business, I’d go to their website, NOT their blog!

    • Thanks for stopping bye Stef. It is amazing how many companies do this. Let’s hope they figure it out at some point.

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