Marketing Key #12 of 13

Marketing Key #12 – Your customer is buying a promise.

Remember, your customers are buying a promise from you. Especially your new customers.

Your returning customers have their past experiences with you so assuming they were positive, these customers have a reasonable expectation that you will deliver your service as promised. But new customers have to rely on word-of-mouth, research, and the faith that you will deliver. There is no product that they can look at, touch, or try out. They simply are agreeing to let you perform your service and also agreeing to pay for it based on the fact that you are promising to deliver.

Do everything you can to make sure your customers view you and your company as someone that can be trusted. This might include certifications, references, testimonials, press coverage, blogging, guarantees, etc.

Your customers are buying a promise and trusting you with their money. Be cognizant of this in everything that you do.


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