Keeping vs. getting

Everyone knows that keeping customers is cheaper than getting customers. I would also argue that keeping customers is more important for a healthy company than getting new customers. Of course both are important, but if you don’t keep the one’s you have then you are spinning your wheels and spending more time and money operating your business. So let me ask you this, how much of your marketing effort is geared towards keeping and how much is geared towards getting? I would venture to guess that the keeping does not get as much attention as it should.

If you are like most companies, you focus most of your marketing efforts on getting. After all, there is nothing more exciting that getting that first purchase from a new customer. But at what cost? Your current customers are your best marketing tool. A concerted effort in keeping them and making them happy will grow your company exponentially over time.

Getting new customers is important, but make sure your marketing efforts are balanced properly between keeping and getting. The health of your company relies on it.