Marketing Key #11 of 13

Marketing Key #11 – A service cannot be returned like a product can.

This is something that is often forgotten and the reason that trust is so important. People who are buying a service are agreeing to pay for it before they even gain the benefits of the service. And if they don’t like the service they are unable to return it for a replacement. They are simply stuck without the service and will need to find someone else who can provide it to them. As a result it is very important to stay in close contact with a new customer to make sure their needs are being met on every level.


Mario Sundar on business blogging

I thought this was a concise and helpful list of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Bloggers. Mario put this together after his participation at the Blog World Expo.

Differentiate or die


Which brochure would you pick?

The subject of differentiation seemed to come up in my world quite often over the last few weeks. Seems like a sign from the Marketing Gods to write a post.

It all started during a recent trip to Hawaii. My wife and I were trying to decide what exactly we wanted to do with our time on the island. So we went downstairs to visit the concierge in our hotel lobby and were confronted with this rack of brochures. Umm, can you say too much information?

How the heck does someone actually decide which of these brochures to look at? Just another example of why it is important to have something that sets you apart. If you are simply on the rack with all of your competitors, you are in big trouble.

By the way, we didn’t look at a single brochure on this rack. We asked the lady that cleaned our room and some of the other guests at our hotel what they recommended.