Marketing Key #10 of 13

Marketing Key #10 – It is difficult for customers to compare the quality of similar services.

Have you ever tried comparing services? It’s not an easy thing to do. Take doctors for example. There are all sorts of extenuating circumstances that could effect your experience with their service. How busy are they? What are you there to see them for? What time of the day is it? What is the competency level of the receptionist or nurse? Many things outside of the doctors actual ability to provide you with medical attention can influence your experience which makes it very difficult to compare with other doctors. Never mind the fact that you would have to go to two different doctors, which most of us actually try to avoid doing.

This is also true of other services.

What does this mean if you are selling a service? It means that this really shouldn’t be a major focus for your marketing efforts. Saying how much better your service is than a competitors really isn’t effective. Instead, focus more on being an expert at what you do. Focus on gaining trust. Focus on being a resource.


Are there any rules for tag lines?

I got an email the other day from Patrick asking about rules for tag lines.

“…what rules are there for taglines associated with logos?” he asked.

Good question Patrick.

The only rule, as far as I am concerned, is that the tag line, and the style of the tag line, match the image of the company. So for example, if you are talking about a bank or some other “traditional” type company, the tag line should start with a cap and end with a period. Very traditional. A more non-traditional type company might use all lower-case with no period. So the style of the tag line should match the style of the company.

That’s it. No real rules, just some guidelines.

Tag lines are meant to convey the companies business/philosophy/approach in a short yet memorable way. They should be unique but also do a good job of conveying the proper message in content, structure and style.

See here for my favorite way of creating a great tag line.

Thanks for the question Patrick.