Marketing Key #9 of 13

Marketing Key #9 – Empower your customers, share information.

So often we focus on selling, selling, selling. Which is obviously important. But it is my belief that one should also be in the business of sharing and providing information to our customers and potential customers.

When someone is a potential customer, they are looking for information. They want to gather as much as possible so they can make an informed decision. So why not be the place where they can get it? The information can be self generated or you can simply be an aggregater of information that you know will be useful to your potential clients. Always be sure to reference where the information is from if you do not create it yourself.

When someone is a current client, why not learn enough about them so you can provide them with information that would find useful? Magazine articles, blog posts, newspaper articles, industry news, etc. Be a resource for them, not just a vendor.


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