10 things you should never have on your website

Last week while surfing the Internet I came across a surprising number of shockingly bad websites. Which got me thinking about some things that should absolutely never be on a website. Below are 10 things that immediately came to mind, some of which I actually saw. Please feel free to add to the list in comments.

1. A spinning globe

2. or anything spinning for that matter

3. Pictures of puzzle pieces (This is not a creative way to show your company “completes” a picture)

3. A picture of a handshake (Shows the very minimal thought you put into your image selection)

4. A mailbox icon for email (Can you say 1997?)

5. A giant red, spinning “e” for email (Can you say 1998?)

6. Low quality images (use a site like istockphoto for inexpensive, quality images)

7. Anything that scrolls across the screen

8. Poorly Photoshopped images (If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, don’t broadcast it to the world)

9. Google AdSense (Nothing says “I’m cheap” like AdSense on a company website)

10. Your countries flag on the homepage (national pride is great, but there shouldn’t be a flag on your home page…unless you’re selling flags)


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