Proper messaging

One of the challenges that I am constantly faced with in my job is proper messaging. There seems to always be some internal discussion around what is the proper message for what we are trying to accomplish. And without failure, there always seems to be at least one person that is viewing things from the inside out instead of the outside in.

Inside out means we are saying what WE want them to hear. Outside in means we are saying what THEY want to hear. Big difference.

And many times I have colleagues who think what WE want them to hear is the same thing as what THEY want to hear. Sometimes true, but not usually. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Its easy to do.

It’s so important to take the time to make sure your messaging is correct. Once they are paying attention, you can always tell them what you want them to hear later.


Distraction vs. engagement

Are your attempts at gaining new customers simply distractions to try and get their attention or methods for engaging them? There is a big difference.

Most attempts by companies to gain new customers are simply eye catching images, loud audio, bright colors and so on. They attempt to distract us from what we are doing and push the product or service into our face. Louder, brighter, flashier, more shocking. Repeat and distract. Short term (as in a few seconds) this may work, but long term, very little is accomplished.

Look to engage your target audience. Provide value to them. Instructional videos, expert advice, daily blog postings, white papers, anything that will engage them and leave them better off than before they came in contact with your company. Do this well and they will seek you out.

Engage don’t distract.

Save your customers from themselves

There’s no better way to demonstrate a great service than by example.

A while back, I ordered flowers for the funeral of a friend’s father-in-law. The funeral was at a location that I was not familiar with so I was relying heavily on the flower shop to make sure the flowers were appropriate and delivered to the right place at the right time. Funny thing is, I gave them the incorrect day. Fortunately for me, this particular flower shop was proactive and checked ahead of time with the funeral home. The flowers were delivered on time on the correct day without incident. They saved me from myself.

A great way to run a service oriented business is to find ways to “cover” for your customers most common mistakes. Take it from me, it is very much appreciated and a great way to run a business.