Marketing Key #7 of 13

Marketing Key #7 – Be a resource to your customers.

You absolutely have to be more than just the person/company your customer calls when they need to purchase your service. Do whatever it takes to be the industry expert in your customers eyes.

1. Send them the occasional email with a link to an article that relates to their business. Google News Alerts makes finding articles very easy.

2. Stop by with a magazine or newspaper article that relates to their industry.

3. Share information about one of their competitors

4. Share ideas about their website

5. Introduce them to people in your network that they would like to meet.

6. Basically, be proactive in providing your clients with information that will make them more informed, more successful and more reliant on you as the go to guy/girl.

If you really want to be viewed as a business partner versus a business vendor, this approach is an absolute must.


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