Marketing Key #1 of 13

Marketing Key #1 – There is no product to touch, taste, try or see.

Its important to remember that a service is different from a product simply because a service is not tangible. Your customer can’t pick it up off the shelf and look it over. They can’t take it for a test drive or try it on. There’s no tasting or smelling it. No borrowing it from a friend to try it out or asking if it comes in a different color.

Services are purchases of trust. They are purchased based on what the customer perceives you will do for them. Because of this, there is a lot more anxiety when it comes to purchasing a service.

Your job is to ease your customers anxiety and ensure them that they are in good hands.

You can do this through referrals or by being extra patient and answering any/all questions that your customer has. Especially if they are new. Always follow through on what you say you will do even if you think the customer may not care. Any action on your part that does damage to the trust can cause a customer to doubt your service.

Next up: Key #2 – Find your customers discomfort and focus on removing it.


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