Nice is not a substitute for good

I had to rent a car the other day and experienced a common dilemma that many of us face when purchasing a service. The employee that is VERY nice but not very good. But what do you do in a situation like this?

I found myself at the car rental place for over 30 minutes…and I was the only customer in the place. But the girl was so nice that I didn’t have the heart to sound even slightly irritated for fear of crushing her fragile, yet extremely friendly and courteous spirit. So I sat…and stood…and leaned…and waited…while she sorted through paperwork and clicked away on the computer. She clearly wasn’t sure what she was doing and was being overly nice to compensate for it. I didn’t mind at first but soon decided I would have rather had someone who was rude and knew what was going on.

Nice is NOT a substitute for good. Don’t let it be with your service either.


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