Learning from UPS

A while back, a fellow blogger wrote about the ability to track UPS packages and what a great feature it is (shame on me, I forgot who it was). And it is a great feature. Not only from the stand point of the customer, but for UPS as well. How many calls do they eliminate to their customer service reps by providing this ability to their customers? I would guess quite a few.

But how great would it be if other services offered this feature?

Personally, I would love to know how far along my car mechanic is so I could plan when to pick up my car. Or have you ever ordered a sofa? Its usually not a pleasant experience and almost always takes twice as long as the 6 weeks they promise you. I would have loved to be able to check the sofa’s progress online instead of having to call a customer service representative every time my wife started to stress about how long it was taking. And I’m sure the reps at the sofa company would have preferred this option as well.

A few months ago I had to by pet insurance for my golden retreiver. I was told the process would take about two weeks before he was approved. Again, a way to check the progress online would have been very nice.

Not knowing is often the most stressful thing about a service that takes a while to be completed. And most of us don’t even mind if things are behind schedule, as long as we know so we can plan accordingly. Access to information is key.

How can your service be improved by providing your customers with the information they want and deserve?


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