Tell me why

Just got off the phone with another sales person trying to sell me CD and DVD services, whatever that is. He seemed like a nice enough guy so I let him do his thing. Only problem was that my company rarely uses CDs or DVDs for anything so when he asked me if I would be interested in using his service I said no. He then proceeded to ask me if anyone in my company might be interested. Again, I said probably not. He politely thanked me for my time and hung up.

But here’s the thing. Why did he not explain to me how my company could benefit from his services. It doesn’t really matter much if we are currently using a service like his. In fact, I would say it is to his benefit if we are not already using a service like his. No competition. I was in a good mood and was obviously willing to listen to him. That was a perfect moment for him to make me feel like I was really missing the boat by not using his service.

Always be prepared to explain to your clients why they should use your service, whether they are familiar with it or not. Just because I don’t use CD or DVD services doesn’t mean I don’t need them.


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  1. Some people just miss the point.

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