Why your website really, really matters

Was talking with a friend about a service that I found and really liked. I told him to check into it as I knew that he was looking for the same type of service. I explained to him that before I used the service I had thoroughly researched the company , spoke with a number of people at the company, and even spoke with a few people who had used the service. He said he would check it out.

A few days later I asked my friend if he had checked out the service I had recommended to him. His response?

“Are you sure its a legitimate company. I checked out their website and its really bad.”

All the positive information he had gotten from a trusted resource (me) was put into doubt based on a few seconds of viewing a website. Why? Because a website is many times the first sense that someone gets on whether a company knows what they are doing. Is this fair? Maybe not. Is it reality? Absolutely.

Look at it like having an attractive storefront. Does a store front have much to do with merchandise, pricing, service inside. Maybe. Maybe not. But a nice storefront sure as heck will attract more customers…initially. Its got to be followed up with good service, merchandise, prices on the inside.

A website works the same way. Customers are looking for signals that will alert them to possible deficiencies within a company. Just as an unattractive storefront acts as a signal, so does an unattractive website, even if the service has been recommended as a great one. Do everything you can to eliminate any signal that says “my company has deficiencies.”

A website is a great place to start.


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