Leave the right message

I get many voice mails every day from sales people pitching their wares. Some of the messages are quite good. Some of them are not. But I got one the other day that was simply inexcuseable.

The message started out fairly typical. Name, company, and a brief overview on what she was selling. She then mentioned that many of my competitors use her service. She proceeded to list the competitors, only they weren’t my competitors. The companies she mentioned were in a completely different industry….* 3 to delete.

Not leaving the perfect voicemail when making a phone call is understandable, but not doing your homework is not. Take 5 minutes to research the company you are calling. In fact, dig a little deeper than you normally would so that you can provide a nugget of information that you competitors don’t.

Every contact is a opportunity to differentiate yourself. Take advantage of it.


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