The Medici Effect and Soft Eyes

I was watching The Celestine Prophecy on Friday night (yes, they made a movie) when I realized the powerful connection between a previous post of mine on The Medici Effect and a post I had read a few months ago on The Nametag Guy’s blog called Soften Your Eyes. And for those of you that are familiar the the story of The Celestine Prophecy the irony is not lost on me.

Anyhow, The Medici Effect is basically the premise that true creativity can be found through the cross-fertilization of ideas from different, and unrelated fields. The Nametag Guy’s post talks about how softening your eyes as you wonder through your daily activities can help you see things that others may miss. You can see the connection. But its not easy to do…at least for me. And from what I’ve seen, many of my friends.

We get so caught up in rushing here and rushing there, all the while thinking about what we need to get done or what we wish we would have done. Its normal. But I would recommend that you allow yourself moments throughout you day to slow down and soften your eyes to your surroundings. Let’s give it a try. I’ve got some football highlights on the TV.

– the helmets they wear look so simple but serve a very important function.

– how much time and research has gone into making a truly effective helmet?

– this is true for all the padding and equipment a football player uses.

– how many man hours have gone into developing this equipment?

– sometimes the most important things are virtually unnoticed by fans (clients).

– what is important to my business that goes unnoticed?

– how can I notice it?

– how can I make my clients notice it?

No real break throughs here but 90 seconds of “softening” my eyes has brought up a subject that I can talk to my colleagues about. Something exciting may come from that conversation. The key is to get the wheels turning. Do this often enough and great ideas will emerge.

Smoothspan also elaborates on The Medici Effect in this blog post.

Oh, and one other piece of advice, steer clear of The Celestine Prophecy movie.


2 Responses

  1. That is an excellent example of how you may find unexpected connections that are “hidden” right in front of you and achieve The Medici Effect. And – I really like the way you combine it with the idea of soft eyes since new combinations is what The Medici Effect is all about. To experience and stimulate more intersections – check out the Medici Summit, March 3 and 4:

  2. Kristian,
    Glad you stopped. Best of luck with your summit. It sounds intriguing.

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