15 thoughts on the basics of blogging

Everyone seems to be blogging but you. You’ve probably read a few articles about it, maybe even checked out a few of them (heck, you’re reading one now), or maybe you even have some favorites that you follow. But how the heck can writing a blog help sell your service? Let’s review some basics.

One of the keys to selling a service is to be viewed as an expert at what you do. Services are purchased based on a promise that you or your company can perform the task you are being paid for. And being perceived as an expert reinforces your capabilities to the client. Blogs offer a great way for your customer to arrive at a general understanding of your knowledge and capabilities before they agree to purchase your service. Here are some basics:

1. Post at least once per week.

2. Let your customers know about your blog. Have a link on your website. Put the URL on your business card. Tell them about it.

3. The blog must provide information your clientèle will find of value.

4. Keep the posts short and to the point.

5. Be sure to respond to anyone that takes the time to make a comment on your blog.

6. Read Copyblogger.

7. Think about what your customer wants to hear, not what you want to say.

8. Stay on topic. Your customers don’t want to hear about your opinion of the iPhone. Unless, of course, you sell iPhones.

9. Write in a conversational style. Blogging is about having conversations and exchanging ideas.

10. Don’t be afraid to link to other blog posts you find interesting. Its about facilitating ideas and exchanging information.

11. Make comments on other blogs. Join the conversation.

12. Use Technorati or Google Blog Search to find other blogs that might interest you.

13. Blogger is a good place to start. There are more advanced tools you can move to as you become comfortable.

14. Learn to write good titles for your posts here.

15. Get started today or you will never start. Remember, you are the expert and there are people out there that want to hear what you have to say.


One Response

  1. To show your expertise you need to be able to connect the dots between your expertise and everything else that’s happening in the world, including the iPhone.

    Staying too strict and focused will make your blog look a bit too sales-y and sound like you’re singing the same song everyone else is…

    I say find your voice and make your blog yours.

    Just my two cents.

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