20 thoughts on SlideShare.net

Creating slide shows and uploading them to the web is a a great way to introduce your company to social media. I view it as a sort of stepping stone to video. SlideShare.net is a great site that gives you all the tools you will need to do this. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind. This list is going to be similar to the list on using video to market your service.

1. You absolutely should not create a commercial.

2. Engaging slide shows are hard to make.

3. Clearly establish expectations on the first slide.

4. Create value for your target audience.

5. Value is not a slide show that regurgitates your website.

6. Value is the sharing of knowledge in a way that engages people.

7. Please do not use PowerPoint templates.

8. Nothing says “amateur” like a PowerPoint template.

9. Being viewed as an amateur is death to selling a service.

10. Put yourself in your audiences shoes, what information would they find valuable?

11. Is there a pain that you can remove through a slide show?

12. The slide show has to be visually engaging no mater what the content.

13. Just because they cost nearly nothing to make doesn’t mean a slide show has to look cheap.

14. The goal is to create something that will be shared.

15. Do it in a way that is unique.

16. Make it easy to find.

17. Do NOT regurgitate your website.

18. Don’t make a slide show just to make a slide show. Have a reason.

19. Embed the slide show(s) somewhere that makes sense on your site.

20. Create a slide show that makes people realize that you are an expert in your field.


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