Common social media tools and marketing a service

There are lot’s of them. But let’s look at the basic one’s and how they can be used for marketing a service.  

YouTube (video sharing) – Great tool if you have the resources to make it work. The quality has to be there or a video could actually be damaging to your companies reputation. And reputation is huge for a service company. Don’t simply make a commercial. Create something of value for your target market. The videos can be easily embedded into your website. Users will forward it to others if they see value. That’s the power of social media.

SlideShare – Poor man’s version of YouTube. Same idea except its slideshows instead of video. A great stepping stone if video is too intimidating.

Blogs – Don’t blog just to blog. Have a reason and provide value. Blogs are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and encourage exchanges with your clients and target market. 

Social NetworksFacebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Orkut, etc. There are literally thousands of social networks if you count all the niche networks created using sites like Ning. But be careful which networks you join. Your brand can be effected by where it hangs out. Do your research as some of these networks have special tools for companies looking to take advantage of them.

Second Life (virtual world) – Cool concept but I’m not sold yet on its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Have fun with it but don’t expect much just yet.

These are some of the most common examples of social media. I plan on expanding on each of them in a future post. I’m also planning on discussing some other social media tools at a later date. 


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