For God’s sake, get the name right

I stopped by my work mailbox last week to see if by the off chance there might be something of value. There rarely is, which could be another post at some point in the future. But this time there was a envelope from a company offering printing services. What struck about this particular piece of mail was not only did they get the name of my company wrong, they got the wrong name wrong. Let me explain.

About 1 1/2 years ago my company change its name. The envelope I had received had our old name on it, which is bad enough. But to make things worse…and bare with me…they had written our old name incorrectly and corrected it by drawing a line through it and writing our correct old name. So in effect they had gotten the wrong name wrong. And this is a company offering printing services. Amazing.

An important part of offering a service is to make sure you are thorough in everything that you do. People and companies buy services based on trust. And if you can’t be trusted to get their name right, there is no way they will trust you with their business.


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