Is that really what they are looking for?

It may seem like a no-brainer to create a website for your company. A Home Page, an About Us section, a Services section, and maybe a Contact Us page. And while this may be a good foundation, it’s probably not enough.

Always try to view your web presence from your target audiences point of view. Especially the Home Page since this is where most of your visitors will get their first impression of your company. Remember, with a service you are selling a promise to do something. Its not a product that can be tried and returned. You must earn your clients trust as quickly as possible.
Here’s an example of what I mean. A good friend of mine has a brother who recently opened a glorified babysitting operation called Tot Spot. The basic idea is that parents can drop their kids here for an hour or two while they run errands, shop, etc. Good idea. But what should the website look like?

I encouraged him to think about what pieces of information are most important to his clients and potential clients. We quickly converged on safety. Parents want to know their kids will be safe if left at Tot Spot.


Display the fact that all employees are certified in CPR. Make it clear that the location has been approved by the local fire department. List any certification numbers that parents can check. Talk about the safety of the toys. Let the clients know that the owners of Tot Spot have thoroughly thought about the safety of every child that is left to their care.

Always make sure that you provide the information that your target audience is looking for. This may seem like common sense but I am always surprised by the number of websites that don’t view their website through their clients eyes.


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  1. I have just recently been designated manager to our newly formed Marketing Dept. Having been out of the “game” for a few years, I have slowly realized that our website needs exactly what this article says. I have hired a company to reposition our web pages so that the focus is more on what our customers need to know rather than just what we want to tell them. I’m so glad I found this blog as I have been given so much more to think about here. Thanks!

    • Connie,
      I’m glad you stopped by. I have a few observations based on a quick view of your website and your comment. You say you hired a company to reposition your website to focus on what your customers need to know. Do you know what they are interested in knowing? Do you have a good understanding of what is important to your customers? Is it safety, experience, non-toxic options, quick response, etc? Before you pay someone to redo your website, I would be sure to find out exactly what it is that’s important to your customers. You may know this already, so forgive me if you do.

      Best of luck. Feel free to send me the occasional email if you want to bounce some thoughts off me.

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