The Medici Effect

The Medici Effect is a popular book that takes an interesting look at creativity and how to … well … create it.  The process described in the book is named after the Medici family whom some credit with igniting the Renaissance in Italy.

The basic premise is that true creativity can be found through the cross-fertilization of ideas from different, and unrelated fields. One example given is the passion for collectibles crossed with the deep rooted history of playing cards. The result was Magic, The Gathering. Another example might be America’s love of television mixed with a love of devices that add convenience to our lives. From this we got TiVo.

To put it simply, it means to always keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Absolutely do not look within your industry if you are looking to innovate. The best ideas are often outside of your industry. The connection simply needs to be made.  Innovation has nothing to do with simply tweaking an idea that your competitor has already done and everything to do with making a connection that no one else has made.


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  2. I wouldn’t necessarily count out looking within the industry because sometimes the best ideas are ones that have been overlooked — the ones that make you go “duh!” Oftentimes in my desire to find the breakthrough solution to an issue, I fail to see that the solution is right under my nose and I was looking too far out to see it.

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