I’m not rich enough

A colleague of mine said his father used to tell him, “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things.”  The funny thing is that many people don’t understand that paying a little more for quality is actually cheaper in most instances. I can pay $150 for a pair of shoes that lasts 5 years or $35 for a pair that lasts 10 months. You can do the math to figure out which ends up being less expensive. This is true with a service as well.

Sometimes it can be a little more difficult to get in the door if your service costs a little more, but make sure you deliver top notch quality once you do. If you are lucky, your client will have tried out the cheaper versions of your service before they came to you. Once they realize paying less money can actually cost them more, you will be in a great position to provide quality service at a fair price.


2 Responses

  1. Amen.

    It’s the argument I use whenever people taunt me about paying several hundred more for a Mac. It’s all about the total cost of ownership, I always say.

  2. Good example Lisa.

    And its not just about dollars either. Cost can also be measured in stress, time, etc. The cost of taking a cheaper flight can very often be measured in much more than a few hundred dollars. The stress of odd departure and arrival times, the lack of service on a budget airline, etc. Cheaper can actually cost you more money, stress and time.

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