Hanging out

The other day I got a call from a sales rep that wanted to sell me some advertising space in his magazine. I recognized the name of the magazine as I had seen it at numerous locations around the area as a free handout. The locations were usually inexpensive restaurants or fast food establishments. On occasion, I’ve actually flipped through a copy while waiting for my food.

The ads in the magazine tend to be some assortment of tanning places, “body sculpting”, teeth whitening and lingerie outlets. Now I could be wrong, but I’m guessing my company doesn’t have the same target audience as these fine establishments. The sales rep probably didn’t think about this and was told to simply call as many companies as possible.

I took two items from this. One is, if you’re trying to sell advertising, or anything else for that matter, do your homework ahead of time. A targeted approach is much more effective than throwing a wide net hoping to catch as many fish as possible. And two, be careful where you advertise. Always be mindful of where your brand hangs out, its part of what defines who you are.


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