Total eclipse of the heart

We’ve all seen the gps commercial where the guy falls in love with his gps as it gives him directions while driving down the highway. The background music is that painful yet popular hit by Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart. How the heck does this commercial really sell the service that a gps offers. Sures its amusing, but the only people that can relate are those that already have a gps. As a previous non-gps owner I simply found the commercial annoying and viewed the guy as a bit of a loser. Why would I want to be like him?

So how can they market the gps service to someone who doesn’t own one? Show me a commercial of a guy watching a football game and his wife calls 3 times in a 15 minute span to have him look up on Google Maps how to get to Nordstrom. Show me a 16 year old who’s just learned to drive and he gets lost in a sketchy area of town only to hit the “Home” button on his gps. Show me a guy driving past gas station after gas station because now he doesn’t have to stop and ask for directions. Show me a guy trying to drive while sorting through 4 pages worth of map printouts. Show me how the gps service will alleviate a stress in my life…just don’t show me how much a current customer loves his gps, because I won’t be able to relate and I’ll probably find it irritating.


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