Along the lines of my last post, a great service truly does alleviate a discomfort/stress/anxiety for an individual or company.

A GPS device is sort of a hybrid of a service and a product, but the service is really what sells it. Keep that in mind as I describe a recent example that caught me off guard.

My wife does many things better than I can, but getting to a particular destination that she is not familiar with is not one of them.  This is so challenging for her that she spends a good 20 minutes before any trip to an unknown place writing down directions, putting highlights on a map, tracing the course on a map, creating post-its, etc. She has done this since I’ve known her. Does all this really help her get to where she wants to go? Maybe, but I think most of it is her trying to alleviate the stress she is feeling. Because of this stress she has mentioned getting a GPS device on more than one occasion. We’ve just never made the effort to do the research and buy one.

So the other day I see a TomTom One on Amazon for $199. Perfect.  I place the order and the package arrives to our house within a few days. We go through the whole “Oh my gosh, you bought me a present? What is it?” conversation as she is opening the Amazon box. When she finally realizes what it is she actually starts to cry. The fact that she now has a device that can potentially reduce, and maybe eliminate, her stress over driving to new destinations is somewhat overwhelming to her. There is nothing more powerful than relieving someone of a stress or discomfort.

Figure out  the discomfort your service relieves and leverage it.


2 Responses

  1. May I add that this works well only if the person admits to having a problem.

    I was having trouble finding my way one time when my mom attempted to relieve me of my stress by taking her Garmin GPS device out of her purse and started plotting our coordinates.

    My mom was trying to be helpful, but I, however, saw this as an insult to my navigational skills. Each time the poor device “spoke” I yelled at it to shut up.

    Doesn’t quite work as well when the person is in denial.

    Congrats on the purchase!

  2. Lisa,
    Point taken, however the post was not necessarily about the usefulness of a gps device as much as it was about finding the discomfort a particular service might alleviate. Based on your comment, I’m guessing you might need another sort of service. 🙂


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