Awareness of the play

I play ice hockey on the weekends as a way to stay in shape and indulge my delusions that I could have been a professional athlete had I chosen that path. One thing I’ve noticed is that certain people on my team seem to have a better sense of the ice and the development of a play than others. There are certain teammates that I know will see me when I am open and others that I am certain will not. This ability often has nothing to do with skill. In fact, one of the worst skaters on my team has an incredible sense of the ice and the play as it develops. He always seems to find an open spot when he doesn’t have the puck and always seems to pass to an open teammate when he does.

This applies to the world of marketing as well. Some people put their heads down and focus on their immediate surroundings. Gotta build this website, gotta make this brochure, gotta come up with a slogan…head down, focus on the task. Others have the uncanny ability to see the entire landscape including what is happening in their immediate presence. They view it as…how do the website and brochure interact to create the message I want my target audience to see. Is this appropriate? Is there a better way to get my message across? engage my target audience?

Therein lies the difference between someone who plays the game and someone who understands the game.


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