One Single Solitary Person

Service companies rely heavily on their employees, much more so than companies that sell a product. Customers are buying something that is intangible, they are buying a promise.

Think about it, when’s the last time you bought a car from someone that you liked. It doesn’t happen too often. Most car purchase are made through a sales person that we simply put up with. The salesman is simply a necessary evil in the purchase process. But since your purchase is something that is tangible (presumably you’ve sat in it, driven it, looked it over, etc.), most of the time you simply put up with the sales person to get to the final goal of owning the product which is a car. This is not the case with a service.

How often have you gone back to a doctor that you don’t like? How about a dentist? or maybe took lessons for something from someone that rubbed you the wrong way. It just doesn’t happen. Customer contact with a single solitary person within your organization can make or break the entire purchase process for a service company.


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