Fantasy Football

I have a buddy that is nothing less than a fantasy football addict. He plays in dozens of leagues and absolutely loves to talk fantasy football strategies. So much so that during football season I do my best to avoid bringing up any subject that might somehow lead to a discussion on fantasy football. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional armchair quarterback discussion…its just with him its simply too much.

To feed his addiction my buddy subscribes to a fantasy football website that gives him access to all sorts of information, rankings and analysis as well as daily emails with up to the minute updates on just about every player. I have no doubt that he would subscribe to every one of these sites if his wife would let him. But she says he can only pay for one. I asked him once how he decides. He said he goes with the site that has the best experts.

Once again, if you are selling a service you need to be considered THE expert…or experts in this case.


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