But Where?

In a previous post I discussed the basics of Social Media in relation to service companies. So the next question is where do I want to have content? YouTube? SlideShare? Second Life? blogs? Other sites? The answer is yes.

All this is fairly new in terms of business. And remember, you’re a service company so it’s beyond important that you are seen in new places. Places where the “in crowd” go. So the answer is that you want to be in all these places if you have the resources. If not, pick a few that make sense and go with it. The key is that you need to be present somewhere in Social Media. It’s part of being an expert.

Here is an example. A client asks you for some information pertinent to the service you provide. You can:

A) Type up an email with the information and send it

B) Send an email with a pdf attachment

C) Send an email with a PowerPoint attached (please do not do this)

D) Send a link to a slide show that you uploaded to SlideShare


You tell me which option is going to give you more credibility?



2 Responses

  1. Option C has got to be the most annoying thing a vendor can do. It can clog up the client’s mailbox not to mention it doesn’t have the viral components that Slideshare has.

    I think it’s more than being present where the “in crowd” go, but more accurately, letting the early adopters (the “in crowd?) find and distribute your content.

  2. Lisa, I actually hesitated before using the term “in crowd”…even deleted it a few times because it just didn’t sound right. Early adopters is a better term.

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