Everything Points to the Expert

If you need brain surgery do you want a general practitioner operating on you? How about if you are getting your car fixed? Would you prefer that a general mechanic work on your car or do you want someone that specializes in your make of car? People almost always look for what they consider an expert when looking for a service.

It is important to be viewed as the expert when you are selling a product…but it is imperative when selling a service. Customers are buying a promise from you. And an expert is perceived as someone who is most likely to deliver. Everything you do should scream “We’re experts!” Collateral material, websites, even the way your sales team dresses. You don’t have to say you’re an expert, just use the proper verbiage, images and approach. The customer will get it. With real estate it’s location, location, location…with selling a service its expert, expert, expert.


3 Responses

  1. Isn’t this why SaaS yields such a higher probability of success for customers? Because the same experts that created the software are also running it on your behalf, rather than IT or even a VAR trying to do the job?

  2. I agree with smoothspan. Unfortunately there is still a lot of skepticism out there not on the SaaS concept but on the prevalent business models (reliance on ad revenues) of a lot of the emerging companies in this space.

  3. @Smooth From where I’m sitting I think its definitely headed in that direction. As Lisa mentions, I do see a lot of skepticism still, but the early adopters get it and the upside to SaaS seems huge. I don’t think the point you made is utilized enough in the marketing of SaaS.

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